Begin Your Behavioral Health Journey Today!

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Family Education
group therapy counseling support meeting
Coping Strategies
patient talking to her doctor while lying in sofa
Healthy Boundaries
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Family Support Groups and Counseling
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Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Follow-up Treatment
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Loss Management and Relapse Strategies
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Education and Life Skills
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Music, Recreation, Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing
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Nutritional Counseling
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Relapse Prevention
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Adult Mental Services
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Intensive Outpatient Program
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Women’s Mental Health Services
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Gender-Inclusive Care
Native American Healing Practices

Start Your Healing Journey With Us

At REVIVE INTEGRATED CARE SERVICES LLC, we begin a mental wellness in Phoenix, Arizona, by building a community of support around you as soon as you enter our care. Upon admission to the program, you will undergo a comprehensive physical and psychiatric assessment. After the initial assessments, an individual mental health treatment plan is developed. It often includes one or more of our therapy services (group, physical, recreational, and occupational), as well as the services listed above.

  • Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Available
  • Domestic Violence Education Classes Available
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Psycho-Education Counseling
  • Physical Education Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • DUI Classes
  • Job Placement
  • Case Management Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Basic Living Skills Activities
    • Career Building
    • Nutrition
    • Personal Safety
    • Money and Time Management
    • Health and Hygiene

If you find yourself in a panic and unable to function normally, or if you think you might hurt yourself or someone else, call 911. If you wish to learn more about mental health services, call us at 602-283-5131.

woman talking emotionally to his counselor