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At REVIVE INTEGRATED CARE SERVICES LLC, we provide compassionate and gender-inclusive care to members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We recognize the unique mental health needs of this community. That is why we are committed to providing a safe and affirming environment where they can feel comfortable and confident in seeking care. Our team is trained to be sensitive to the unique needs and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community, and we work to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors receives the care and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We understand that members of the LGBTQIA+ community often face barriers to accessing mental health services, including discrimination and lack of understanding from providers. As such, we have taken steps to ensure that our staff is knowledgeable about the concerns and specific needs of this community. You can count on us to be respectful of each individual’s gender identity and sexual orientation at all times.

LGBTQIA+ Types and Meaning

  • L: Lesbian
  • G: Gay
  • B: Bi (sexual)
  • T: Trans (gender)
  • Q: Queer or Questioning (sexuality and/or gender identity)
  • I: Intersex
  • A: Asexual or Aromantic
  • +: The plus sign symbolizes other genders or sexual identities that are not already included in the acronym, such as pansexual or gender-fluid.

Allies and Advocates
Advocates and allies play a vital role in creating a more equitable and inclusive society for the LGBTQ community. By staying informed about the latest issues and challenges facing this community, advocates, and allies are able to raise awareness, educate others, and advocate for policies that promote equality and protect the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

Their advocacy efforts can take many forms, from lobbying elected officials to organizing events and rallies to simply speaking out against discrimination and injustice. By using their voices and platforms to promote positive change, advocates and allies help to create a more accepting and welcoming society for all.

Affirmative Therapy
Affirmative therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed to support and validate the needs of individuals who identify as members of sexual and gender minorities. This approach is based on the fundamental principle that all individuals deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Through affirmative therapy, LGBTQIA+ clients are treated with respect by therapists using both verbal and nonverbal cues.

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